Here you will find the complete list of video clips we mention throughout the website. All the clips were shot by Richard and are available to the public on YouTube.

Ata basket weaving: 6:29  Ata weavers

Made Mariasta, painter: 3:37  Mariasta at Work

Wayan’s Grandfather, woodcarver: 4:55  Wayan’s Grandfather

A Temple Ceremony: 4:00  Temple Ceremony

Ikat Weaving- Part 1 Tying the weft: 1:09 Ikat Part 1

Ikat Weaving- Part 2: Dyeing the weft: :30 Ikat Part 2

Ikat Weaving- Part 3: Loading the Loom & Weaving: 1:58 Ikat Part 3

Ibu Arini’s Dance School in Denpasar: 9:55  Dance School

Silver Jewelry Maker: 6:00 Silversmith

Masceti Temple Odalan: 5:23  Masceti Odalan

Double Ikat Weaving: 5:00 Double Ikat