Pondok group blog vsWayan Suarni was born in Bali. As a young child she helped sharpen her Grandpa’s and Dad’s wood carving chisels. After completing high school she worked in Ubud at the Seniwati Art Gallery which is Asia’s only gallery dedicated to showing only work  by women artists. She worked there until she came to America with Richard. During the New Hampshire part of her life Wayan maintains gardens for many people in the Monadnock region.

Richard Nevell is a photographer of people, author, filmmaker and songwriter. His work on dance- the book  A Time To Dance published by St.Martin’s Press and two films for PBS,  featured on ABC’s Good Morning America as well as Studs Terkel’s Almanac on NPR-  was partly funded by The National Endowment for the Arts.  He has created CD covers for musicians in Europe and the USA. As a songwriter his tunes received special awards from ASCAP for performances by many musicians including Jim Post and Bryan Bowers.

He first visited Bali in 1994 in search of a particular men’s choral performance called Kecak. He found it, among other amazing things, and began visiting the fabled island on a regular basis. He and Wayan met in 1999, married in 2000 and have split their lives between two “paradises”, Bali and New Hampshire, USA, ever since.

We welcome all visitors, to Bali or New Hampshire! Email us to find out where we are.

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To watch a brief You Tube video of a ceremony in our family temple in Bali click on the link below:

Temple Ceremony